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Updated Jul 02 2015
Order Status Update #2 - July 2nd, Noon - Great news! (Well, by comparison to Monday's terrible news.)
The hoped for goal of transfering all 5,000 rebel orders placed between 4:30 pm June 22 through June 29, in limbo, to a different bank just can't happen.

However, Leaders has now agreed to process every requested refund for all these affected orders! An online "form" is being prepared tonight (July 2nd) to make it easier to request a refund. (That's GOT to be easier than thousands of individual email messages!) Have your invoice number, or name and date, ready if you desire a refund.

There will also be an option to indicate that you want to KEEP YOUR ORDER with just a delay of a few weeks. In cases where sewn ToughTex flags were ordered before they were removed the morning of the 25th, there will be an option to substitute the sewn 2-ply nylon (of as-yet unknown quality). In cases of very large or square ToughTex flags, no substitution is available and it will be a long while before these can be shipped. That is a wait or refund situation.

All affected orders NOT requesting a refund will be filled and shipped over the next few weeks. There is nothing you have to do if you are okay with this unfortunate delay.

Go here to discover how Proud Shopper/Proud Rebel, and 5,000 orders placed between 4:30 pm June 22 through June 29,
were screwed by sudden, extreme volume and California banks! But, we're gettin' 'er done NOW!

No new online orders can be processed until about July 4th.
You can still shop and fill your cart. It's just pointless to checkout before July 4th because it won't complete without the new merchant account in place.
A few extra days were needed for fresh stock to arrive anyway.

You CAN also use the mailorder form and not worry any of this. But, send a money order, NOT card info!

Long Live Dixie Spirit!

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