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Updated August 18, 2017
Culture added
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Be PROUD you're a REBEL 'cause the South's gonna do it agin!
All Sorts of Confederate Merchandise with $7 flat-rate shipping per entire order. Order more!
Proud Rebel is NOT racist!
These images are displayed to keep ignorant supremacists away from Proud Rebel merchandise!
There were Jewish, Catholic, Indian, and even Black Confederates, PROUD REBELS, every one!

NOTICE to the clueless: STOP being a patsy to puppetmasters! During the Sixties and Seventies, the time of the Civil Rights Movement, rebel flags and Confederate war heroes were symbols of regional LOVE and pride, NOT "hate"! Unfortunately, Millennials missed all of that cultural history, TV shows, movies, cartoons, and great Southern music displaying, no, BRANDISHING Dixie pride! And, guess what? The aim was toward "danged Yankees"! This mess that has your panties in a bunch was ENGINEERED since the Eighties, to divide us!
You're being played! Want to "resist"? Resist the puppetmasters, like George Soros!
Blessed Free Times for Southern Pride Expression!

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Car and Truck Hood Cover!
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