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Updated Feb 04 2014
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Infantry Battle Flag (4X4)
4' X 4' Infantry
Battle Flag $20
Actual dimensions

Out of Stock
Battle Flag (3' X 3')
3' X 3' Rebel
Battle Flag $7
Not actual dimensions
"Forrest Flag" $8
(No Middle Star)
as issued by Gen. Bragg

Confederate Battle Flag
Plain Battle Flag
Bonnie Blue
"Bonnie Blue"
PRE-1st $8

Stars and Bars (1st)
7-star "Stars and Bars"
(1st National) $8

11-star "Stars and Bars"
13-star "Stars and Bars"
Second National
Second National $8
("Stainless Banner")

Third National
Third National $8
("Mod. Stainless Banner")

US 34 Star
Union 34 Star $8
U.S. 35 Star
Union 35 Star $8
Union Calvary
35 Star Union
Calvary Guidon
(In "Dances With Wolves")
$8 Poly (Standard)
*The "silky" flags are NOT your average polyester flag. This beautiful, lustrous fabric is thicker, more rich and colorfast,
and will last at least 9 to 12 months in direct sunshine. This is three times the life of cheaper flags.