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Updated Jul 10 2015
Rebel Swim Trunks
Lined Swim Trunks $25
Rebel Grilling Set
Rebel Grilling Set $17
Lycra Bikini
Panty Bottom
Lycra Bikini $25

18% Spandex
Smaller than marked
REALLY! Order larger
Lycra Bikini
String Bottom
Lycra Bikini $28

Smaller size than marked
Skimpier than other

Rebel Beach Towel
30" x 60" Beach Towel $14

Vest Extender - Chain
Vest Extender
Chain $6 each
Rebel Sequin Bikini
Sequin Bikini $35
Sizes run small
Brazil (Thong) Bottom

Sequin Bottom $18
Sizes run small

Sequin Top $18
Sizes run small

30" x 40" Rebel
Baby Blanket $14

4' X 6' Afghan
2-ply Rebel $32

4' X 6' Woven Blanket
Super soft acrylic $20
Men's Long-Sleeve Rebel Shirt
Men's Long-Sleeve

 Cellphone Cover
Cellphone Cover $6
Chain Wallet - 8
8" Chain Wallet
Chink, Stamped $14

6:" Chain Wallet
Chink, Stamped $10
Chain Wallet - Short
Chain Wallet $18
6" US-Made but
too short for bills
One Bootchain $12
(2 make a pair)

Vest Extender - Leather
Vest Extender
Leather $7 each

Rebel Flag Bandana
Flag Bandana $2
Pants Leg Holddowns

Pants Leg Holddowns
$14 pair

Rebel Patch
Sew-on/Iron-on Patch
Rectangular Rebel

9 x 12 inch $20
2 x 3 inch $3
Rebel Redneck Patch
Sew-on/Iron-on Patch
3" Redneck $4

Rebel Screaming Eagle Patch
Sew-on/Iron-on Patch
10" Screaming Eagle $20

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