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Updated May 03 2016
  • Always communicate a desire to return any item BEFORE shipping to verify that a refund is pending.

  • Items returned after delivery are refundable minus a 20% (minimum) restock charge upon receipt of returned merchandise in immediately salable condition.
    Custom fabricated items, such as printed t-shirts, have a 40% restock charge.

  • Items normally worn against naked privates, such as underwear and swimsuits, ARE NOT RETURNABLE!

  • Shipping cost, after shipment is already made, is not refundable. If an item is returned for a swap with a similar item, the extra shipping cost must be paid before completing the revised order.

  • Completed "custom" items, made to order, such as printed t-shirts, are subject to a 40% restock charge EVEN IF NEVER SHIPPED! If size or color change is made after manufacture, the 40% extra charge must be paid before completing the revised order EVEN IF NEVER SHIPPED. If a custom item, like a t-shirt, is returned for a color, print, or size swap, the 40% charge AND the extra shipping cost must be paid before completing the revised order.

  • Any item returned which is NOT in immediately salable condition (damaged or modified in some way) will be held until the extra shipping is paid to RETURN IT BACK TO YOU.