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Updated Aug 30, 2016
Update #17 - August 30, Just a few Dixie flag orders and a few backorders left!

4,693 Orders were placed during that ONE WEEK of the 2016 Summer Rebel Frenzy after the PC "Suits" foolishly tried to strip us of our Southern pride!
3,398Shipped to a WHOLE bunch of Proud Rebels!
848Refunded upon request
203Voided on June 24th when all sewn flags were sold out for months.
152SELECTED by Proud Shopper for refund because of discontinued items or very large orders.
62 Charged back by those who didn't simply ask for a refund (or, didn't recognize their purchase).
20Unshipped for various reasons.
6 Unshipped due to bad address given.
4 Unshipped because of discontinued item.
11 Returned by Postal Service due to address issues or delivery refused.

VOIDED orders (June 24) - 203 people who ordered sewn flags on June 24 (ONLY!) may have been waiting patiently for flags which will never arrive! Sewn flag orders were voided on June 24 when it was realized that no more stock was available and how long it would be before more sewn flags could be made and arrive. Although the internet gateway sends out an email confirming an order was accepted, it does NOT send out another one when that order is voided! This was not known until much later. (A "void" cancels the order on the same day. It never processes, no money changes hands.) The possibly affected orders are only between invoice numbers 39249 and (mostly) 40140. (The list includes just a few later orders.) Here (at long last) is the file which lists all invoice numbers voided on that day.

REFUNDED orders, not requested - After a month or so with none of the more expensive, "sewn and embroidered" flags even being produced (the factories were running wide open just making cheaper, poly flags), over a hundred orders were cancelled and refunded without a request and without notice. This decision was later regretted when some customers complained about not having the opportunity to keep their order intact and wait on new stock. So, selected refunds were halted and the choice to "keep" orders was published. Notice was not given at the time for these "selected" refunds. Here is the list of all refunds. "Selected" refunds are mainly from refund list 65, as well as 69, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, 83, 85, & 89 (odds).

NON-orders from June 29 - At 4:30 pm Central, when the merchant account was abruptly closed (for being TOO popular!), dozens of people kept trying over and over to get an order accepted. (They thought they had entered something wrong.) An attempt was made to abort all orders by switching to "test mode". OOPS! What that did was make it appear that every order attempted went through! They got an email confirmation with invoice number and everything. But, these orders were NOT official. No money ever changed hands. Several hundred of these bogus orders sped through until this was fixed an hour later. Several of these mock customers recently asked about their order status. Until everyone can be contacted, note that the VERY LAST real order was invoice 45157. If you have an invoice number higher than 45157, the order was not valid.

DISCONTINUED items - Some orders are shipped with a refund for one item which is no longer available. In the case of the t-shirt prints, another selection is asked for. Beware if making a new mail order. Some of these items aren't pulled from the webpages yet.
Southern Girl cap
Heritage cap
Infant Onesie
Choose Life Rebel t-shirt print
The Right Thing t-shirt print
Woven Acrylic Blanket
Flag and Flame cap
"thick" (non-foldable) can coozies
Floor mats

A Postal Service email message is sent to the customer when the mailing label is created!
(That's how you know it's on its way.)